Tuesday, December 26, 2006


As I write this, the Zune Software installation is going on in the background and it has failed on me twice! Well, not really its fault, I got disconnected from my wireless connection on both occasions while it was downloading the firmware update (by the way, the error message was not at all handy, it said close all the applications and restart the system!). I don't think doing an update check the first thing during a new install is such a great idea, when people get new stuff they want to try it out as soon as they can and making them wait while a 30 MB something update is getting downloaded is definitely not on. By the way, the Circuit City guy told me that the Zune is selling quite well in these area and at times even outselling the iPod. Anyway, more on the OOBE and the Album-art fixer app that I wrote later.

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