Monday, November 29, 2004

Life is a lemon

Off late I've been really bugged with life, nothing "unusual" has happened but I think I have run a little out of steam. Physically am not feeling too great, perhaps am not able to get a nice sleep at night, I generally get a nice sleep between 7 to 9 in the morning! rest of the time I am more or less twisting and turning in the bed. Couple of weeks back saw Naach at theatres, a utterly boring movie just got a head-ache in return. These days have got myself busy with reading up on astrology, it's something that always interested me but looking at my own chart got me a little psyched, don't see any *good* things in it, so guess will need to give it a break too. The weather over here has been a little bit more chillier so taking shower with cold water is something not very funny. All in all nothing substantial has happened over these days & it has got me bitching more & more.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

October rants

Another month of another year is over..thought will write a small recap for the month.
I have got absolutely no work in the office, I am a stage where I am bored of doing nothing! Saw one movie over a weekend: "Dhoom", no story a complete nonsense movie, the only thing is that the movie is very fast paced so one doesn't feel bored of the nonsense...actually had plans to see VastuShastra but could not get the tickets hence went for this movie. Also moved to a house(if it can be called a house), its a single room with bathroom and am paying a whopping 3.5K for it! (didn't have a choice, had to move out as I had already payed around 17.5K for overstaying in the guesthouse). Two things suck: one there is no hot water for taking shower (I've been taking hot shower bath for past 5 years now) and secondly I have to mostly eat out all alone, which ppl. who know me will know is something that I hate. Personal front more or less the same, nothing to write home about. Yesterday got a voltage converter for my speakers so finally I can atleast do some jamming at home, it cost me 275 bucks but I think it worth the moolah, actually all depends on how long it works. One good thing(hopefuly) happened at the end of the month but I am still keeping my fingers crossed till the time it completly falls into place, lets hope for the best.