Saturday, May 17, 2008

Miss Mary's last words

It's been long since I last got a chance to write down something; the "new" job has made me work long hours on the same old sh*t! I guess, it's either my lack of faith or no longer
being in a delusion when people high up in the food chain talk about commitment, DNA (and other 3-4 letter buzzwords) and career growth etc, everything sounds to me like same old crap. I remind myself everyday at work: there is no charity out here; you work for them because they pay you and they pay you because you work for them and they believe they can mint more money from you than they pay you. I guess, the above statement holds true for almost 90% of corporations (& for 60% of people who work for them) out in the market and I don't blame them either; the primary reason they are in the market is to be profitable and make money (look ma! no charity) but should this profitability come at the cost of work ethics and professionalism? I doubt that any corporation would accept that they've been unprofessional, sloppy and perhaps even unethical at times when the fact is that most of them are. So shall I/ really care? nahh, this is not my first job and this will not be my last job: been there, done that!