Thursday, September 23, 2004

Sept. 23rd 1:44PM

Back in hyderabad, have been staying at the same guest house as of now but I will have to find an accomodation for myself pretty soon, firstly I know I can't stay there for too long as I have already over-stayed than the relocation time that the co. provides, secondly the place sux big time! Work wise I havent done anything since I've been back to India, don't feel like working anyway, not that I don't have any work but I just don't feel like doing it. Rest all is same on the personal front, honestly the personal life is nearly non-existent right now. The daily routine is: get up by 5AM(somehow I am getting up early ever since I have come back to India), kill time..goto office at around 10..kill time, come back to home at around 8:30, kill time & then goto sleep when I am tired of doing nothing.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Home is where the heart is..

Its again time to go back home, I will be flying back tomorrow to India, the route is Lousville->Detroit->Amsterdam->Mumbai. When I look back upon these 21/2 months, they have been in complete contrast to last time when I was here. Last time was the best time of my life: less work, going to chicago every weekend to be with chhavi, being on the phone almost always after 10PM till 12AM. This time even before coming to lvl things at personal front weren't great, but I had thought they will get better once I get to talk to chhavi & did we talk? yes we did, it was pretty ok in the beginning then it started going bad to worse to even worse. Maybe I over-tried in these 3 months, I guess there is a very fine line between trying hard honestly and trying a bit too much & I didn't realize when I crossed the line. Anywez time to perhaps do some thinking about what all I did wrong over these 21/2 months (I know I've done a lotsa things wrong) and how I could have done them in a better way. And as they say: "you should never be afraid to bid farewell, a goodbye is necessary before you can meet again & meeting again after years or lifetimes is sure for those who are in love".

Thursday, September 02, 2004

My boat sails stormy seas...

My current favorite tracks:
1) Storybook love (Princess Bride OST) :
amazing lyrics & Knopfler at his guitaring best.
2) For my lady (The Moody Blues):
another of Moody Blues' gem, maybe one of their best love songs!
3) Tere bina zindagi se koi (Andhi):
old is gold!
4) Hold an old friend's hand (Tiffany):
80s stuff, great lyrics.
5) Main yahan, tu wahan (Bhagban):
Good song!


Yawn! did almost nothing in the office today..have been just browsing the web (given the fact that I dont love doing that much its been pretty boring day). Apart from that posted one article on C#-Corner (difference between passing reference type by value or by ref): . Apart from that just bought a panasonic portable cd-mp3 player and hooked it to my altec lansing speakers, does'nt match a bose speaker output but its pretty good. One thing that sucks with the player is that the remote control has a very small guess will have to get one headphone extension cable! Had breakfast with Debbie, she'z been really nice, hope will meet her again someday in near future.

Its 5 PM right now & am planning to wind up in next 15-20 minutes.