Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Keeping the dream alive

Tonight the rain is falling
full of memories,
of people and places
and while the past is calling
in my fantasy,
I remember their faces.

I hear myself recalling
things you said to me.
The night it all started,
and still the rain is falling
makes me feel the way,
I felt when we parted...

The game would never be over
because we are keeping the dream alive.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Life is beautiful...

sometimes u just dont know which way u want to go, u have 2 choices...one way there is nothing gonna happen but maybe it will save u from all the pains, its like giving up on something which means a lot to u..the other choice is u try atleast even though the chances are close to none that it will workout in the end but atleast even if it doesnt work out you can atleast later take comfort from the fact that you tried your best. right now i am torn between the 2 choices, if i make choice 1 which means just running away from everything i will atleast not inflict anymore pain on someone whom i love more than anything/anyone else and not land her in a situation which is tough to get out for her, yeah it will screw up my life but hey when was my life not screwed up. And if I try something the possibilities are it will still not work out but that way i m atleast giving ourselves some chance for a beautiful future. just cant decide on which way i should go but there is alwys this thing in my mind that i want the best to happen to her and whatever decision i make will solely be based on that, from looks of it makin the first choice seems to be the best thing...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Back in Louisville

Well haven't been able to write a blog since long, so just thought will write something..lotta things have happened since I last wrote a blog, not everything has been the best though, hopefully few things will settle down by next weekend. Apart from that I am back in Louisville for another 2-3 months and have my hands full with some .net work. lets see how it goes, but as of now am more interested in things that are developing in my personal life..lets hope for the best.