Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The 6'O Clock Alarm

I generally hate waking up in the morning to an alarm, I believe that using alarms interrupt your sleep and if you're still sleeping during the hour when you should be "supposedly" up; it means that the body and mind needs more rest, as simple as that. I am not against using alarms as a one-off thing or using it to get up cause you have things planned for the day which you love doing, but getting up early in the morning just so that you can get to work early; please no unless you are in love with your job! I've used the alarms in the past quite often but I used it more or less to get things done which I loved doing. The last time I had to resort to alarm unwillingly was when I was in school, I had to get up like 5:30 in the morning to make it to the 7:30 assembly! I just don't understand how we expect from school children, does forcing them to get up so early make them any better? This gently reminds me of a British Airways ad from past which read something like:
It's same everywhere; children go to school (in the morning),
children run back home (after school)!
Unfortunately, these days I have to resort to alarms in the morning (not by choice) but one thing's for sure; the 6'O clock alarm would never ring...or would it?

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