Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ambitious dream

I was talking with someone over the phone the other day about something that I was kind of reluctant to do, and he finally said to me: "Hey, that was always your dream", after I hung up I could understand why he was kind of annoyed/amazed but then I thought about the statement that he made; was it really my dream? It wasn't, it was an ambition. Well, how are the two things different? I define ambition as something tangible and materialistic, something which our outer self wants to achieve; whereas a dream can be anything from one night of peaceful sleep to being able to fly, and are what our inner self needs. This by no way means that dreams are something so abstract that they cannot be lived on in this material world, all the limits of the body are the limits of your own mind; let your mind go and your body will follow. Unfortunately we drown ourselves so much into our day to day chores and try to please so many people that we stop dreaming altogether. The moment we stop dreaming or stop believing in them is when we stop being in touch with ourselves, we are just reduced to a shadow of what we really are deep inside.

I would rather chase my dreams and give up my ambitions that come in the way than the other way round, this was just one of those cases; and I've no regrets about it.

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