Saturday, December 02, 2006

Legend of a Band

There are singers who compose music that you like, and there are singers that compose songs which you admire and then there are singers that touch your heart and soul with their soulful music, The Moody Blues is one such band, a band whose music simple mesmerizes you. They have never failed me ever since I started listening to them way back in early 90s, their music always seemed to have that profound effect on me which always seemed to re-affirm my self-belief even during my most stressful times when I'd start doubting the sanity of very principles on which I have lived my life all these years. Maybe it's got to do with Justin's haunting voice or the theme of most of their songs (separation) or simply the lyrics; they take you on a journey to a completely different place, a place where you are so much more peace with yourself, where you are just being yourself every time you play one of their song. The place is not somewhere faraway (there's no such thing as far away, every place that you ever want to be at is right there inside your own self) but it's a journey inside your own self, a place where I've always felt safe and at peace with myself. I can still remember how I got hooked on to them, Sumit had borrowed a recorded cassette which had one song from The Moody Blues: I know You're Out There Somewhere; a song which you just can't stop falling in love with. I was too young to really appreciate the meaningful lyrics then (I didn't have to deal with pain of losing someone at age of 12) but still there was something about the song which affected me somewhere deep down inside, there was something about this band which made me feel as if there's beauty around us; we just have to close our eyes, take a deep breath and liberate our souls. Ever since I've listened to almost all of their numbers but somehow I always kind of associate myself with Justin's songs, there is so many things that he says through them and then there are so many things that are left unspoken that you want to immerse yourself in those songs. If you haven't listened to Moody Blues ever; you might want to run to your nearest music store and get their CDs, believe me you won't regret your decision ever.

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