Saturday, February 26, 2005

Love is on the run

February 24th was anniversary of two people both of whom are very close to me. They came together 2 years back and have been lost in love & each other since, but twist of fate, circumstances or whatever else you wanna call it, they haven't been together off-late. Knowing them I know they still feel just the same for each other & would love to be together again. I wish them luck and hope they'll come out of their hard times pretty soon even stronger, I see them walking hand in hand in near future, do you?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Why Do I Blog?

(Aside: tried posting this blog via the email that blogger provides, more than 1 hr. and the entry has still not shown, guess it's better to post it via the web interface only!)
Read Eric’s post ( about the hazards of writing blogs which is open to public. I’d been thinking about the same thing off-late: why do I blog, do I blog and hope that the “world” would read it or do I blog just for myself as that way I can maintain a web diary and scribble down everything and anything that comes to my mind? Well, I blog for myself and yes though I know that my “diary” is public and can be read by all and sundry I still blog just for myself. If people read it and leave a comment fine, if they don’t still fine with me. I have shared my blog address with very few people whom I know (as of now I can only think of only 3 who are pretty close to me) though a lots of my acquaintances know that I blog.
The one problem that I face while blogging is that at times there is something which is personal enough to be not shared among all the acquaintances, generally in those cases I blog about it obliquely, the ones who know about it understand what I actually meant, and the ones who don’t are free to draw their own conclusions. So why do you blog and what you do in cases where you don’t want all your acquaintances to know about something?

Monday, February 07, 2005

Who is John Galt?

[Update (2/14): Got author of Celestine Prophecy all messed up, it's James Redfield and not Robert Redford as I mentioned in my post!]
Read two books off-late: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand & Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. Both books more or less have a philosophical tinge, Atlas Shrugged is about the "movers" of the world and why they fight their biggest & hardest battle against the people whom they love, Atlas is the greek mythological God on whose shoulder the entire earth's weight rests. Atlas carries the burden of the world unselfishly and the world in return just keeps on adding to the weight. In this book, Ayn Rand suggests that Atlas should shrug the world off his shoulders. Book is pretty crisp in the beginning but meanders a lil' towards the end and gets more or less Bollywood style ending! Net net I would rate this book above average but not something amazing.
Celestine Prophecy is a parable which gives you 9 insights into the life, some of the insights being: Co-incidences don't exist, everyone you meet has a message for you etc. etc. The books draws metaphors from physics and relates our lives to relativity and kinetic model i.e there is no static amt. of energy within this universe, based on our energy level the energy around us also increases or decreases. This book is more or less like Alchemist though Redfield lacks Coehlo's style of writing...again something which I would rate slight better than average.
By the way for those who are wondering, Who is John Galt? is a slang used very often in Atlas Shrugged & is used in situations about which ppl. are helpless or want an alibi.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

[No Title]

Have been trying today to change the look and feel of my blog, haven't made any progress yet but found that has some nice skins for both Blogger and MovableType. I picked up one template and tried making one on my own but guess don't have any patience/time to do it, so another one goes in my pending list.
What else? everything else is same old, same old: have to stay in the office late these days due to almost daily conference call with the client, it's one of the things that I really hate about Onsite-offshore model, other thing that I hate is the communication gap that can arise due to not having a face to face interaction. IMO face to face conversation is far more better than talkin over phone or chatting over IM or just exchanging mails back and forth. One of my teammate over here is planning to move on, got an offer from a big company (A..) The work seems to be nice and hopefully he will learn a lot more than wasting his time over here. Good luck to him in future! it was sure nice working with him.
Finally got myself a birthday present: it's a Fossil leather strap watch, looks nice I guess though I keep on forgetting to put it on as am not used to wearing a watch.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Days of future passed

Haven't been feeling great for some reason today, nothing has changed; things are just as I expected them perhaps that is what is making me feel a little low: that things haven't changed off-late and going on in the same direction where they've been going since past few months which is basically going nowhere. Work life is nearly non-existent, I can't make myself to work these days, if I get some work I fret and try to push it back as much as I can: something which I never did before, maybe it's because I don't like the job that I am into or maybe it's because I don't want to work! I don't know what is the reason but it's screwing me no doubt. After-work life is also non-existent perhaps even more than the work life: in office I feel like going home and when I reach there, I feel like coming back to office.
Looking back at the last one year from 1st Feb to 1st Feb, life has changed so much, perhaps way too much for me to handle. Feb, Mar, Apr, and May were the best months and since then life has been going downhill and even though it's going down consistently but at times thigns have happened way too unexpectantly, the worst of months being June and Dec. and the way Feb 1st has been, perhaps even Feb. Don't know how to handle things maybe I need to stop expecting from people, maybe I need to do some introspection and see what I've been doing wrong, or maybe I just need to shut my mind and stop thinking all together!