Saturday, April 01, 2006

Moving on...

After a long and hard thought, I've decided to switch my job & I'll be joining KSC (Kuwait Oil Company) starting 15th of this month as a Technical Evangelist. I'll be moving to Ahmadi sometime end of this week subject to availability of tickets on Kuwait Airlines, what I really like about KSC is that they have a very open culture and they've got some real cool geeks working for them like Al Bashar Ul-Hussein, the father of CXA (Componentized Xml Architecture) and others. I got a mail from their HR on the 29th of Feb. and since then had 3 technical, 1 HR and 1 religious interview round (the religious round was more or less to ascertain whether you can survive in a Islamic country or not). My primary responisbility would be to help architecting & building the automation framework, which would automate the entire process of extracting oil from the wells to finally shipping them. Given that the TL on this project is Bashar himself, I am really excited to be part of such a team. Hopefully, my next post would be from Ahmadi itself....kuwait am coming!!

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