Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Latest iTunes additions

This weekend I downloaded few songs from iTunes, here they are with my ratings:
1) Glasses by Slizzy Bob (6/10)
2) Since I don't Have You by Guns n' Roses from the album The Spaghetti Incident (6/10)
3) La Luna by Belinda Carlisle from Runaway Horses (7/10)
4) Heartbeat by Wham! from Make it Big (6.5/10)
5) Skies the limit by Fleetwood Mac from Behind the Mask (7/10)
6) The World I know by Collective Soul from The Absolute Hits (7/10)
7) Afterglow by INXS from Switch (9/10)

All these songs I have listened to long before apart from the exception of Afterglow which just couple of days back I first listened on the MusicMatch Jukebox radio (I was playing Cyndi Lauper and "related artists").

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