Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Anonymous blogging in corporate world?

The title of the post might sound paradoxical & I just want to touch on the same topic, should you be anonymously blogging about your job/company? NO! don't even think about it, if your company encourages blogging then blog publicly i.e. let your PR dept. know, or don't blog anything specific related to your company (remember a blog is just another website waiting to be discovered). I, for instance blog anonymously, that is no where on my profile or on my blogs you would find any explicity reference to the company I work for, the reason being most of the times I blog about my personal life and how much it sucks with some technical posts thrown in between, and I don't want my private life being discussed at work! You would never find any post on my blog which says how much my work sucks or how I waste away my time in the office by pretending that I'm working (PR dept.: if by any chance you're reading this post then don't take it literally, I am the most sincerest employee you could have ever imagined to find..hee hee). Secondly, there're are very few close friends/family members who even know that I blog (different story if they stumbled on it) and if you're one of those "acquaintances" who just stumbled on it, I would very much appreciate if you keep it to yourself.

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