Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Download audio from esnips

Without getting into the moral question about why would you want to download audio from esnips, here's how I've been doing, it's kind of crude but it works.

Tools required:

  • Windows Vista (or any other windows OS).
  • Firefox (or any other browser).
  • Windows Media Player 11 Plugin for Firefox (I guess any browser+plugin combination will work).
  • SysInternal's Microsoft's Process Monitor (or FileMon, if you are using Win XP).


  • Search for the audio on esnips, and click the preferred search result, the song should automatically start playing within the browser.

  • Once the song is being played in the browser via the plugin, start ProcessMonitor (or FileMon).
  • Set the filter in ProcMon to include the browser in the filtered list.

  • Voila! the path to the cached mp3 is there in list, browse to the temporary folder and copy the mp3 to a desired location on your system.

1 comment:

  1. Salut dude, Nice find or Hack if its yours :P