Saturday, November 12, 2005

the power of rss/atom

few days back I'd posted about various online rss aggregators that I use or have used, today just stumbled upon one more: Netvibes, have to admit that it's the best one that I've come across till date! They have nice integration with GMail and surprisingly even have Hindi as one of the languages. I generally use rss aggregators to get all the news that I'm interested in at one central place, below is the (partial) list of feeds that I have on my page, feeds that I would recommend most:
1) Endgadget: News about latest gadgets and gizmos.
2) BBC Front Page
3) Boing Boing
4) Slashdot: News for the nerds, one of my favorites!
5) Daily Dilbert: I always liked Dilbert comics.
6) Quote of the Day
7) Some feeds from to get local news.
8) Eric Gunnerson's C# Compendium
9) Google blog
10) Yahoo! search blog
11) Weather news
12) "How To" of the day
some blog feeds from my friends and family members + lotsa more...

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