Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Yahoo or Google Home or

I've been using My Yahoo! since long to aggregate the information from the web on one personalized page and if am not wrong about 2 years back it was one of the very few sites which would allow you to aggregate content (then it was only limited to information from various Y! modules). With the advent of RSS/Atom it has further improved it's aggregation by allowing you to add rss feeds too & given the popularity of RSS feeds even other companies have jumped on the bandwagon including Google and Microsoft, MSN even has a nice screen screensaver which shows you the feed titles with post entry as tooltip in a screensaver. I've tried these 3 and honestly speaking for change MS' is an outright winner, with Google perhaps second and My Yahoo! being at the bottom. So what makes so good? well it's something that Google brought back from hibernation: AJAX. has got one of the best implementations of AJAX, allowing you to even view the entire feed without having to leave the site something which both My Yahoo! & Google lack, one good thing about Google & My Yahoo! though is it shows you your email information which I find to be pretty helpful given that I have yahoo! & gmail accounts. If you are really looking for a nice web aggregator and have a newer version of IE or FF then you would never regret having as your home page.

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