Saturday, October 22, 2005

wrong decision?

sometime back I had written a post in which I said there are absolutely no right or wrong decisions, a decision is a decision nothing less, nothing more. So then why do at times decisions which seem to be correct give undesired results? and should we never put any thought process before making a decision? well, a decision is still a decision but we need to see what prompted us to take that decision, what was the situation which made us take that decision. What does all this mean? Let me give one example: If I decide today to jump from 13th floor, I don't think it would be a wrong decision but if I decided to jump believing that somebody would break my fall then yes the pre-cursor was totally wrong and this case the decision that was made would give wrong & painful results. The only problem is most of the times pre-curors to a decision are not so obvious as the one that I gave in my e.g. and add to that our egos and emotions and you've got some real snarls to deal with. Remember, every event and person in our lives is not what it is, it's what we perceive it as, we always see everyone/everything through the lense of our egos & feelings and always try to project ourselves onto that person or thing subconsciously. coming back to the decisions, we always want to believe that our decision is the right one and we try convincing ourselves that that is the case, by perhaps asking people who are close to us for their opinions. here again, remember any person no matter how close he is to you, will give advice based on his perception, egos and priorities which might not be your perception and/or the bottom line is to think about the pre-cursors before making a decision based on your priorities & perceptions and then have no regrets...remember there is nothing by luck, nothing by chance.

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