Monday, October 04, 2004

Its raining again....

It was raining over here since morning, it still is clouldy so the weather is pretty decent today, got up pretty late today (around 9!), so had to rush to the office. After reaching office figured out that the client had some hardware upgrade over the weekend hence all the servers are still down, so basically no work as usual. I guess I am getting really lazy & clumsy these days, don't feel like working at all(not that I enjoyed working before either). Manish & Sumit along with their families went to Mysore this weekend & apparently had a nice time over there, they visited the Vrindavan Garden at night, which I guess looks pretty beautiful at night. Am planning to wind up early today, have to send two emails before leaving but procrastination has ensured that I won't be sending it till the last moment.

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