Thursday, September 23, 2004

Sept. 23rd 1:44PM

Back in hyderabad, have been staying at the same guest house as of now but I will have to find an accomodation for myself pretty soon, firstly I know I can't stay there for too long as I have already over-stayed than the relocation time that the co. provides, secondly the place sux big time! Work wise I havent done anything since I've been back to India, don't feel like working anyway, not that I don't have any work but I just don't feel like doing it. Rest all is same on the personal front, honestly the personal life is nearly non-existent right now. The daily routine is: get up by 5AM(somehow I am getting up early ever since I have come back to India), kill time..goto office at around 10..kill time, come back to home at around 8:30, kill time & then goto sleep when I am tired of doing nothing.

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