Sunday, September 13, 2009

fly, fly away

I still remember when I was a kid growing up in mid 80s, I would stand on my terrace and watch Woodpecker digging holes into the trunk, Owls sitting on the tree top. Watching hoards of vultures scavenge carcass on the road side was a sight everyone in those days would be quite familiar with. I would be in awe of all these wonderful creatures. Many years have passed since then and along with them most of the birds have disappeared or sighting them has become a rare phenomenon. Even, a "common" sparrow is not so common these days, all I get to see these days are crows, pigeons and kites, if you want to watch some exotic birds like the hill mynah, vultures, owls you need to go to places which are "reserved" for these creatures by us (read bird sanctuaries) or go to places where humans have not yet cut the trees and built concrete jungles. With the rate at which the birds are disappearing or are being confined to "reserved" places, I guess, the children of tomorrow would only have pictures of these birds without having a chance to see for themselves.

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