Wednesday, August 19, 2009

just my imagination

It's been a while as usual since I posted last and I guess it has something to do with how I feel these days. I think writing posts require pretty decent amount of imagination and creativity (unless you want to write just for the sake of writing something), and off-late I don't seem to have either; it's not like that I don't have anything to write about; it's just that I have don't have enough creativity to elaborate it into a meaningful post. I've been thinking about writing on some of the technical stuff that I learned in the recent past (mostly the hard way), some SEO stuff, some photography tidbits, some gear lust but every time I feel like writing something; I just draw a blank. The other thing that I always wanted to try my hands on was short stories, I have a quite a few themes in my mind (some callous, some not so) but again just don't seem to have enough steam to get those into something concrete. I know I need to be a bit more frequent with my posts (just for my own sanity) but somehow I can't get my darn act together!

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