Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Some hard to find 80s numbers

I recently stumbled upon "Shadows In The Night" by Kay Franzes; a song which I have quite vivid memories of: it was aired on a show called "Eurotops - Musikladen", a show that I would religiously watch when I was a kid. Listening to this song reminded me of those other ones that I would love to have:

* Never Ending Love by Cartoon (I do have this in a very crappy recording)
* Hold You by Zig Zag (crappy recording)
* Helen In Your Headphones by The Dots (I want this song badly!)
* Walking On Ice by Lisa Nemzo (I actually traded quite a few emails with her for this song; but somehow it didn't work out).
* Rock Me Baby by Johnny Nash(?)
* Time To Fly (sing my song) by Kenny Masters (again in very crappy recording)
* Say you will, say you will be mine (no not the one by Foreigner: this one is actually not from Eurotops: I had it in one of the recorded cassettes that my brother's friend gifted to him).

Does anyone have any pointers to any of these songs? online streams, mp3s, iTunes, Zune Marketplace anything would do!

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  1. ---http://djlora.wrzuta.pl/aud/file/whHxSbA3GH/johnny_nash_-_rock_me_baby.mp3---------------------------see go80smaxisblog-----lisa nemzo here---