Wednesday, August 18, 2010

View On Black flickr bookmarklet

I’ll admit, I’m a fan of flickr and upload all of my pictures over there. One thing that I don’t like about flickr though is the default white background which unfortunately can make the photos look a little dull. So, generally I would include a link in the description to so that the viewer have an option to view the photos on black. Unfortunately, this meant that every time I upload a photo, I had to manually copy over the link to bighugelabs into the description. Since I am a sucker for redoing same stuff over and over again, I decided to automate the entire process  and ended up writing a simple javascript bookmarklet. Now all I need to do is to navigate to my photo details page and just click on the bookmarklet and voila, the link to “onblack” version is automatically added in the description. Below is the bookmarklet just in case you are also a fan of “onblack”:

javascript:var%20evt%20=%20document.createEvent(&quot;MouseEvents&quot;);%20evt.initMouseEvent(&quot;click&quot;,%20true,%20true,%20window,%200,%200,%200,%200,%200,%20false,%20false,%20false,%20false,%200,%20null);%20var%20cb%20=%20document.getElementById(&quot;meta&quot;).getElementsByTagName(&quot;div&quot;)[0];cb.dispatchEvent(evt);var%20reg=/\/CHANGE-THIS\/(\d+)\//;var%20y=window.location.href.match(reg)[1];document.getElementById(&quot;meta&quot;).getElementsByTagName(&quot;div&quot;)[0].getElementsByTagName(&quot;textarea&quot;)[0].value='<a %20href="'%20+%20y%20+%20'">View%20On%20Black</a>';document.getElementById(&quot;meta&quot;).getElementsByTagName(&quot;button&quot;)[0].click();void(null);

The CHANGE-THIS should be changed to your flickr's NID or your flickr friendly Url i.e. whatever you see in the address bar of your flickr photostream for e.g. if your flickr photo url is you should replace CHANGE-THIS to xyz. Do keep in mind that this bookmarklet will replace whatever is there in the description field with just a link to “OnBlack” version with the text “VIew On Black”. Also, I have only tried this on Firefox and it works in almost all the scenarios that I tried.

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