Wednesday, May 27, 2009

where art thou?

Been a while since I wrote something, have been busy off-late with doing nothing. I guess, nothingness is a hard feeling/habit to get out of! Anyway, some time back I started playing with a cooked WM6.5 on my phone and I think though there still are miles to go but it's a step in the right direction by MS (finally a WM version which doesn't require you to pull out your stylus!). Anyway, one thing that I found missing in titanium was the task plugin so the developer in me hacked together something (more on how I did it later, given that it was my first attempt at building something for the mobile device) which did what I wanted and it now is available on xda-developers with a very original name of taskanium.

Apart from that I have revitalized my love for photography (albeit in a very small way) and have been bitten by LAS (Lens Acquisition Syndrome). I also think, I should start something like "How-I-Took-It" posts, where I can just dissect my photo and the technique that I used to capture the shot (Ok, I am no pro but I guess I have the basic concepts of photography clear).

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