Sunday, August 05, 2007

In Search Of The Lost Chord

As I play, The Moody Blues on my Zune, I just wondered which of their songs I love the most, so in no particular order, below are my (as of now) top 10 Moody Blues' numbers (most of these songs are post Pinder era and are written by Justin Hayward: someone who's song writing talent is almost unparalleled)!

  1. Your Wildest Dreams: once beneath the stars, the universe was ours; love was all we knew, and all I knew was you...I wonder where you are, I wonder if you think about me; once upon a time, in your wildest dreams... (now you know from where is the title of this blog is inspired).
  2. I Know You're Out There Somewhere: The mist is lifting slowly and I can see the way ahead; I've left behind the empty streets that once inspired my life... (a sequel to Your Wildest Dreams, these two songs always have me thinking which one of these is their best: I am still undecided).
  3. Never Blame The Rainbow For The Rain: Keys of the Kingdom (I recently got hooked onto this song, and I just simply love it).
  4. Love Is On The Run: when your love is on the run, don't waste your time closing doors. you'll be the last to know when love has gone...(by the way, Sur la Mer means "On The Sea" in french).
  5. Never Comes The Day: Think away today, think away tomorrow; never comes the day for my love and me.
  6. Lean On Me: Lean on me; I'll be there whenever you need someone to share; in every prayer, in every dream; you've left somewhere.
  7. Bless The Wings: The more life keeps us apart, the more love will grow...if I could touch you now my darling; and love you once more...if I could hold you, hold you, hold you; I know you'd understand...
  8. For My Lady: my boat sails empty seas; battles oceans filled with tears, at last my port is in view; now that I have found you...oh' I'd give my life so lightly to my gentle lady, give it truly and completely for my lady...
  9. Candle Of Life: something you can't hide, says you're lonely; something deep inside, of you only...
  10. Question: between the silence of mountains and the crashing of the sea, there lies a land I once lived in and she is waiting there for me...

The Bridge Across Forever

Once upon a time there was a boy, 18; and like every other boy in his age-group was carefree and aimed to be on top of this world, and that's what his problem was: he was unsure what really being on top of the world meant and felt like. Then, one day he came across a book called "The Bridge Across Forever" by Richard Bach, a book which changed the way he looked at things and changed him forever. From a carefree and someone who paid absolutely no attention to relationships, he was transformed into a boy who started waiting for his own soul-mate; was it the book or the subject that the book covered, which transformed him; or did the book just aided in making him think and acknowledging certain aspects of himself which were buried deep down inside which he had ignored for so long? Soon, he started realizing that "being on the top", is all about way you feel inside; it's all about doing something which makes you feel satisfied; it's about having the feeling of oneness, and calmness from within; it's about joining and completing the missing bits of the thing called life. He learnt from the book and started believing firmly that only things in life that matter are the things that you can share with someone special, he started watching & waiting for that "someone" to come into his life, someone to grow old with; someone who made the journey more beautiful than the final destination. I remember, how he felt "cheated" when he read about Bach and Leslie's divorce, how could soul-mates decide to go their own way? Isn't being soul-mates all about learning and sharing together, and he started doubting the entire idea of soul-mates. Then he realized, soul-mates is not about living together and sharing within this time-space continuum; it's something that transcends both time and space; there is no such place as far away; no such time as too long: overcome distance and all you are left is "here"; overcome time and all you have is "now": And in the middle of Here and Now, it's just "you" and "I" that really matter. So, are soul-mates perfect, and completely compatible? No, if you are perfect there's nothing to share, there's nothing to learn from the "other" person when you are fully compatible, if you don't learn; you stagnate, if you stagnate; you stop exploring a world so beautiful both outside and within…and yes, soul-mates doesn't mean living together; it's about learning from each other; either within this time-space or something which operates outside their realm, the fact is: you may stop loving someone, but you will never stop loving the time when you loved them. Why am I writing all this? Maybe, we teach best what we need to learn the most…but then, everything in this post maybe wrong.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Future in the stars, stars in my hands

At times, there are certain questions for which we can't find the answers by "logical" thinking; "logical" thinking only works on issues that we face with in this physical world, but then there are certain facets of life which are not bound by the time-space continuum; to find answers to those burning questions we need to explore non-newtonian "sciences" which are not bound by time and space. Astrology is one such aspect of meta-science which acts within the realms of ketheric plane, a plane which is more abstract than the emotional-mental plane. In my life, it's been quite often where it looks like some unknown force is driving my life and I am a mere spectator; for instance: relationships...and quite often, when we are not able to find by mere "logical" thinking itself the reason behind it all, we turn to more abstract ways of finding the answers. Human mind has been trained since time immemorial, to only accept answers which are arrived at by using the laws of inference, observation and exclusion. Now, the question comes, why are people scared of meta-physics (or don't believe in it at all)? Is it because, the laws of inference and observation don't behave well within this realm, or is it because we; humans have been told that we all have free will: will to change anything and everything about who we are and where we're headed? Free will is one aspect which arguably doesn't gel that well will all the "predictive" sciences. I strongly believe that though all the meta-physics are great for finding the "challenges" a person might face in this lifetime, they are often not the right way (actually, there is no other way, either) of predicting the future. Why is that so? Remember, meta-sciences operate on the ketheric plane, but the manifestation of those events happen on the physical plane and quite a few things are lost in the translation (free will, anyone?). Does it mean, we can change everything about us, defy everything written in the stars? No, free will only can change the way you allow yourself to percieve those events and their manifestation, life is all about perspective: what a caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly!

Coming back to the law of relationships as per the stars, the things to look in a natal chart for relationship promise is to look at position and strength (using Ptolemy's dignity) of venus, moon and their aspects with any outer planets.

I have a libran (ruled by venus) ascendant and venus becomes the chart ruler (i.e. venus becomes quite prominent in defining who I am and hence, all things venusians become quite significant to me). Venus is only dignified by face in Aquarius and is conjunct by Sun (Sun: I, the very being, the ego) Since, Sun and venus are conjunct; they are fused together and act as one and now again, who I am is greatly defined by venus (Sun in aquarius being debilitated, I'd say Venus "wins" between the two planets). Also, since Venus is in the fourth house, it means these are aspects of my life which are not very apparent to others, they are buried deep down inside and very few will have a glimpse of this side of me. Now comes the moon; moon is all thing feminine, our emotions, our ability to feel safe in a relationship, our feeling of nurturing and being nurtured. I have moon in scorpio (in fall), in the first house. Having a first house scorpio moon means emotions play a good part in my life: also scorpio moon has this uncanny knack of reliving the painful past, till it conquers all the demons. My moon in scorpio "squares" venus in aquarius: a quite "challenging" aspect, which means these two energies act at cross-purposes to each other, which kind of explains why sometimes, I had this feeling of being "unsafe" in the relationship. Coming to outer planets (uranus to pluto); anytime there is an aspect between the outer planets and the moon or venus, you can expect some drama; how the drama is going to unfolds depends on the kind of aspect: easy (trine, sextile) or challenging (square, opposition, conjunction or inconjunct). I have uranus (planet of surprises and unexpected events) conjunct my moon and squaring my venus. Uranus is a sudden flash of lightning, which seems to strike almost unexpectedly and lead you to completely unchartered waters. Uranus, moon conjunction means there will be quite few sudden interruptions in one's ability to feel safe and so will be one's emotional ups and downs; and uranus-venus square means again sudden and unexpected interruptions in a relationship (you bet!). I have a sextile between neptune and venus, making one very dreamy and imaginative in a relationship: someone who is a true romantic at heart (sextiles are dormant aspects, they need to be activated). I also have a trine between pluto and venus, which means relationships will play a big part in ones "transformation" (since it's a trine: I guess the transformation has to be for the good) and also suggests certain power issues in a relationship. Since, we are it; I also have Chiron (the wounded healer) in my seventh house (house of serious one-one relationships); anywhere you find Chiron in the chart, you can be pretty sure that's one aspect of your life where you will face most of your "lessons", so no doubt, everything that I've learnt in my life has always involved a partner.