Sunday, August 05, 2007

In Search Of The Lost Chord

As I play, The Moody Blues on my Zune, I just wondered which of their songs I love the most, so in no particular order, below are my (as of now) top 10 Moody Blues' numbers (most of these songs are post Pinder era and are written by Justin Hayward: someone who's song writing talent is almost unparalleled)!

  1. Your Wildest Dreams: once beneath the stars, the universe was ours; love was all we knew, and all I knew was you...I wonder where you are, I wonder if you think about me; once upon a time, in your wildest dreams... (now you know from where is the title of this blog is inspired).
  2. I Know You're Out There Somewhere: The mist is lifting slowly and I can see the way ahead; I've left behind the empty streets that once inspired my life... (a sequel to Your Wildest Dreams, these two songs always have me thinking which one of these is their best: I am still undecided).
  3. Never Blame The Rainbow For The Rain: Keys of the Kingdom (I recently got hooked onto this song, and I just simply love it).
  4. Love Is On The Run: when your love is on the run, don't waste your time closing doors. you'll be the last to know when love has gone...(by the way, Sur la Mer means "On The Sea" in french).
  5. Never Comes The Day: Think away today, think away tomorrow; never comes the day for my love and me.
  6. Lean On Me: Lean on me; I'll be there whenever you need someone to share; in every prayer, in every dream; you've left somewhere.
  7. Bless The Wings: The more life keeps us apart, the more love will grow...if I could touch you now my darling; and love you once more...if I could hold you, hold you, hold you; I know you'd understand...
  8. For My Lady: my boat sails empty seas; battles oceans filled with tears, at last my port is in view; now that I have found you...oh' I'd give my life so lightly to my gentle lady, give it truly and completely for my lady...
  9. Candle Of Life: something you can't hide, says you're lonely; something deep inside, of you only...
  10. Question: between the silence of mountains and the crashing of the sea, there lies a land I once lived in and she is waiting there for me...

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