Friday, December 21, 2007

Nahh, this is not a review of some new web 2.0 company but a question that I've been asking myself for last few years. It's been more than 6 months now since I quit my day job and decided I needed some time to introspect and find out what I really want to achieve in my life; maybe; try to find out something new which helps me get my motivation and focus back. Sometimes, when you are part of a circus and have been running around in circles; it's best to get away from it all and get a view from outside. The fact is I still haven't started missing having a day job; but then I guess it's high time I find something that gives the satisfaction that has been missing for so long! It's not that I've been doing absolutely nothing for last 6 months, I now have some new found interests like plants, trees, wild-life (something, which made me visit Jim Corbett National Park) and photography (no, I still don't have a DSLR) and have learned few more things the hard-way like; losing your wallet is not fun! Unfortunately; all these interests don't give me any cash inflow and don't help me in paying my bills. The only issue is I don't want to get back to living pay-check by pay-check. In the good ole' days I didn't really care about my job and job satisfaction; I had something more beautiful and special to keep me motivated and happy. Now, since the ole' days are a thing of the past; I need to be a little more judgmental in what I do with my professional life. I know how I would love to live my life but then; only some of us get to decide how they want to live their lives; rest of us just have to be a part of those decisions.

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