Thursday, October 19, 2006

D or E, take your pick

At times we are confronted with choices, and we pick one of them based on which one is more aligned with where we want to go and our priorities. So, which one do you pick between D and E? What are D and E, first of all? They are two things which don't matter to us anyway, but we still have to make a choice, so it's like tossing a coin and taking a pick or coming up with crazy rationale and reasoning so that the choice that we make in the end makes some sense. I think, the most important factor in life is motivation, as long as we are motivated we would always want to grow, we would always want to explore the world around us, we would always want to learn something new, and unfortunately for past some time that's one thing that I've been lacking, maybe D or E were easy enough to choose between but since I just don't have any motivation left I don't care which one I pick.

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