Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Unstrung words

There are things in life that happen by themselves and then there are things in life that make us strive hard, bend and at times look like a fool. In my experience the things that don't matter to us are the things that happen by themselves but the things that we care about make us go out and achieve them, why is that so? It's because the fears, the doubts and the negative feelings that come along with the things that we care for, because they matter to us we desparately want them to happen: the more you care, the more you fall. And then there are people who appear from nowhere when you're down: good friends, people who are always there to give you free advices, people whom you care about and who care about do you follow your own instincts even if all and sundry think otherwise or do you listen to them and do what they say? well, it's your life and not have to know what you want/need and think/act accordingly...I don't need somebody else to screw my life (by following their advices), no thanks..I can pretty much do it myself and be better at it too!
And yes today is the "Women's Day" (not that I care) so wishes to all the women born today and more so to the woman who for me, defines the real meaning of being a woman..happy birthday!

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