Thursday, May 26, 2005


One of the funny things that I find about life is whenever you are doing something "trivial" (trivial things vary person by person: for some watching TV might be trivial whereas for someone online chatting might be) you get the guilt feeling that you're wasting away your time and perhaps you should be doing something worthwhile, the problem atleast with me is if am not doing the "trivial" stuff I dont even know how to kill time. Anywez all the gyaan apart here are few things that I do to kill time when I'm not working these days:
a. Read books (I don't consider this to be at all immaterial, I *think* reading opens your mind).
b. Play minesweeper (I owe this to Subbu who got me hooked on to this crap).
c. Play TextTwist on Yahoo! Games : This is my new found interest.
d. Listen to music: I love music.
e. Aimlessly watch TV.

More or less that's how I kill my free time, I am still trying to figure out though who is killing who!

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