Tuesday, December 21, 2004

heaven only knows...

5PM of a tuesday evening and I am feeling a lil' down, have tried my best to "move on" with my life (that's what chhavi would always tell me to) but I am still missing someone badly. We shared some of the best of our times together and moving on seems to be as tough as it sounds, as they say time moves at different rate for each one of us & sometimes our hearts move even slower so even after about 7 months of our "break-up" I find it hard to let go. Anyway sometimes it's best to leave things the way they are when nothing seems to be working & any attempt to get things better actually makes them go worse. Have an interview in a company which asks you where you want to go today, don't know why I am giving it, perhaps just for the sake of it. Visited delhi this weekend, was missing the delhi winters off late so the visit was a welcome break (it's a different story that the trip itself was one of the most painfull trips that I've ever made!), saw hulchul: nice light movie, can be seen once. Life has been a lil' tough over the last 6 months but hey I am down but not out...see you on the dark side of the moon.

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