Monday, November 29, 2004

Life is a lemon

Off late I've been really bugged with life, nothing "unusual" has happened but I think I have run a little out of steam. Physically am not feeling too great, perhaps am not able to get a nice sleep at night, I generally get a nice sleep between 7 to 9 in the morning! rest of the time I am more or less twisting and turning in the bed. Couple of weeks back saw Naach at theatres, a utterly boring movie just got a head-ache in return. These days have got myself busy with reading up on astrology, it's something that always interested me but looking at my own chart got me a little psyched, don't see any *good* things in it, so guess will need to give it a break too. The weather over here has been a little bit more chillier so taking shower with cold water is something not very funny. All in all nothing substantial has happened over these days & it has got me bitching more & more.

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