Monday, April 19, 2004

Thunder over Louisville

This saturday(April 17th) there was Kentucky Derby Festival opening ceremony here in Louisville, its called Thunder Over Louisville(more information can be found at their official website Thunder over LVL. The show starts at 3PM with a 6 and a 1/2 hr air show followed with 1/2 hr of fireworks. The event is in the downtown with fireworks off Second Street Bridge on ohio river. Chhavi had come for the weekend, first we were sceptical abt. where we will be staying as the hotels were really expensive for that weekend(hotels which are normally around 70$ per night had upped their rate to 200$ per night for this weekend!!) but Debbie arranged our stay at her sister's apts at highwood dr(so nice of her!). Chhavi reached here around 10:30 on friday night(United flight as usual was late!), I had booked a cab to goto the airport and the same guy(Mohamed) took us to to the apts. Saturday morning we went for a walk to the Ohio river and the walk was pretty beautiful. We left for the waterfront park(its the best place to view the show) at around 12:30 and reached there at around 12:45(Mohamed came to drop us there..he charged for that ofcourse!). The place was pretty crowded but still we got a very good place to sit, other good thing was that it wasn't cold outside with temp. around 80F! The airshow kicked off at 3, to be honest it wasn't the best air show that you can see..the planes would come after 5 mins gap & weren't doing too many stunts..felt chhavi slept off in between!
Thunder airshow
At 9:30PM the fireworks started and were they awesome? they sure were!! What I had heard was that this show are better than any other firework show in America(some even claim the best in the world!). I haven't seen any other firework show so I can't judge for myself but this one was simply amazing, the best part being the Waterfall, in which the fireworks "fall off" the second st. bridge on to the ohio river like a waterfall. The show ended at 10 and every one(there were apparently more than 500000 ppl) wanted to go home in a hurry, so we called up Mohamed, who told us to walk away from the traffic so that he can pick us up and we walked all the way down to Bardstown Rd.(it was around 4 miles walk!) and then took the cab and reached home at around 12:30AM(not too bad a effort for first timers who had no clue abt the area or the directions!). Sunday we just decided to rest our aching limbs and stayed at home, watched 3 movies: Harry Potter and the Sorceror's stone(chhavi always wanted us to watch this movie together), Full Monty and City of Angels(another chhavi's choice). Full Monty was crap, City of Angels was pretty decent but the best of the lot(chhavi, surprise, surprise) was Harry Potter, the movie is pretty light and I enjoyed it till the end. In the evening we went for a walk just around the apts. and it was so full of greenery that we both just fell in love with the place. Monday morning dropped chhavi at the airport and came back to work, it was a pretty hectic weekend for both of us but worth every pain.
Thunder over Louisville Rocks!

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