Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bye bye Hyderabad

12th of March was my last day in Hyderabad, I moved out of Bangalore in february and joined a company based out of hyd. I stayed in the co. for little over than a year though even before joining the co. I knew it wasn't the place where I can survive for long. I still find it tough to understand how can some company be so unprofessional in the way they do their business: starting from managing clients, to managing its own people! but well they're a 10 mln $ company so perhaps that's why no one is complaining. Met few nice guys in this company, no technical studs though: Satish, Amudhan, Sai, and Rao to name a few, hope will meet some of them again in future...even though the work wasn't at all great in the company I got what I joined them for so am not complaining at all and job satisfaction was not one of them. Anyway, I know someone would be unhappy over the fact that my next job is not in bangalore but well that's the way it goes, let's see where life is heading next.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

8th of March

People born on 8th of March have their sun in Pisces: which means the person is a dreamer, very compassionate & self-sacrificing: so is it true for every piscean or is it a generalization? Well, I don't know about other pisceans but since past two years(ok not just past two years, I'd first met her around 15 years back). I've been knowing a piscean born on this day and I see all the above qualities in her plus a lot more (no prizes for guessing who she is).
8th of March is not just significant because it's her birthday but also it was the day when we met again after 13 years: still remember standing in front of Laxmi-Narayan temple in delhi at 7 o' clock in the morning & waiting for her to come to meet me....also last year we were together on this day in chicago, so this is the first time in past 3 years that we haven't been together on this day & sure it doesn't feel that great but as they say it's not if it's when!
Very Happy b'day wishes to a person whom I have the privilege to know and be with, wish you good luck & lotsa happiness and sunshine and hope to be with you on 8th of march, 2006 and all the 8th of marchs then after.